Past Podcast Wisdom – Success Is My Natural State Of Being

Last year I talked about Success Being Our Natural State of Being for an Affirmation, and this year I created a small snippet via whiteboard animation. What if you were to speak with intention today, what if you were to live as if every breath was beautiful, and what if you were to stop and really smell the flowers today or look at the clouds and marvel at how beautiful our lives are? Success Is My Natural State Of Being…because every moment there is something beautiful to enjoy. Here’s the whiteboard animation…I hope you enjoy it…but I hope you enjoy

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How To Be Ok With Yourself

Happiness can be an elusive idea but I believe that becoming Strong Within begins with this fundamental principle. Having the confidence to do the harder things starts with asking the questions, “who do I want to be,” and “am I willing to do what is necessary to do that.” Things outside of ourselves can help accentuate our happiness, but lasting happiness is always an inside job. Are you ok with yourself? Are you truly happy in being the person you are? That’s a hard question to ask, to look at, and even to answer…but it’s a worthwhile one. And I

Why Focusing On Your Faults Doesn’t Work

Check out the latest Strong Within Daily Affirmation Podcast–February 2019 week 2. In this episode I talk about steering away from focusing on perfection and asking how we can look to be imperfectly perfect. If you like what I have to say, make sure to rate and comment to let me know what you liked about it. And if you think anyone could use this message please feel free to share it with someone. I am sending great energy your way,Chris

Are You Managing Your Life Or Is Your Life Managing You?

Do you have a plan, do you have a set of goals for your day, do you have a vision, or are you allowing something else to decide your direction in life? Chaos is a sense of order, are you allowing chaos to dictate your day? Being Strong Within doesn’t mean you have everything figured out, it just means that you take a moment to ask yourself where do I want to go in this moment, and what would I like to accomplish. Let me know what you think of the video, and if you like what I am doing

What’s Your Record Button?

What is holding you back from recording, from launching, from being who you are meant to be? Join me on a little walk and talk to help you begin thinking differently on how you want your year to go. I’d love to remind you about who you truly are.

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Success Is My Natural State of Being Whiteboard Animation

My newest whiteboard animation from my Strong Within Affirmation Podcast. “Success is My Natural State Of Being.” Click play on the picture above. I really enjoyed making this video for you guys, check it out, and if you like it make sure to: -Like -Comment -Share And make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to get more of my cool videos I will be working on in helping you to have better holisitc life performance in whatever you choose to put your attention to. Thanks again, for watching and your support guys, I am blessed to have you in

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Podcast Whiteboard Animation I Live By My Loyalties Joyfully

  Hey guys, this is my first attempt into the whiteboarding world. I wanted to try the whiteboard out on my latest Strong Within Affirmation Podcast. Let me know what you think, as I really enjoyed making it. It took a lot of time, but it was fun learning and creating. If you enjoyed the video it, make sure to like it and subscribe to my youtube channel. I still am learning, so I am always interested in your opinions…good and bad. I want to get better, and your input will be valuable to me. So leave a comment in

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Here is the video of the purging of my hair and donating it all to I also created a podcast to go with this video on the power of kindness. The affirmation for the week is: I Listen With My Mind, But I Always Speak From My Heart hear the podcast by pressing play below

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Kevin Podcast Tribute

Thanks for the amazing 9 years Kevin. I was blessed to have you in my life. Here’s a video of some of the joy that Kevin brought into our lives. Check out the podcast number 581 of the Strong Within Daily Affirmation Podcast for today’s affirmation and lesson.

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