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chris o'hearn strong within

Chris O’Hearnwas a featured coach on the MTV show I Used To Be Fat

Graduating with a business degree he began searching for his place in life, and after seeing he wasn’t fulfilling his purpose of serving the greater good in helping people…he became a personal trainer and eventually a life, confidence, and success coach.

Dealing with years of depression and suicidal thoughts from not feeling good enough, perfect enough, or loved enough…he began looking at the story he was telling. And that’s where his change began. He saw that real change happened not by working on your skillset to try to become better, but it was more in the journey of telling a new story. Overcoming his suicidal thoughts and depression was the catalyst in helping Chris understand that if he could change then he could help others change. He now helps people look at what’s blocking them and empowers them to begin changing their personal story to create real change in their life.

He is the host of The Strong Within Daily Affirmation Podcast

He is currently finishing a book on creating more confidence in your life to begin reaching your full potential.

He started his life coaching business Strong Within because he saw that people weren’t reaching their goals, not because they weren’t talented enough or worthy enough, but because they were having trouble seeing their strength within. He helps people to start their day and their life on the right foot by becoming strong from the inside out.