I Step Into The Unknown Willingly and Enthusiastically



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Mindful Mondays-#464 April 9th The Strong Within Daily Affirmation Podcast

I Step Into The Unknown Willingly and Enthusiastically

“The quest for certainty blocks the search for meaning. Uncertainty is the very condition to impel man to unfold his powers.”
~Erich Fromm

Uncertainty brings curiosity. I want to know a better way. I want to find the answer and test it out. In fact it doesn’t have to be the best answer, because that will come from putting my actions into the real world instead of being afraid of the future or the realm of safety behind certainty and inaction.

Why do we fear the unknown so much, why do we fear what is ahead of us? I think we want that guaranteed safety. We want to know that our perfect bubble won’t pop, and we will be as safe as we are tomorrow as we are today. But it’s a lie; we aren’t safe. We stay in jobs we hate, we stay in relationships that are wrong for us, and we make bad choices out of comfort because we would rather know our pains then to chance it and lose something that truly matters to us. We want to take a snapshot of life, and it to never change because we feel that certainty within our lives brings comfort.

And while it’s nice having everything folded perfectly tucked away safely in your life drawer, it’s a lie we choose to live in instead of living within the excitement of what could be. We want our lives to be like our car insurance policies…where if we get a ding in life we want it fixed right away.

And in the quote from Eric Fromm that comfort is blocking us from finding meaning, from finding more of our life…because we are treating life like a lifesaver thrown to us by a lifeguard at a pool. We would rather cling onto our crappy situation in choppy water than to swim somewhere else and maybe even get out of the pool. Because that would mean change and we have gotten more comfortable with knowing the crap we have made ourselves comfortable in rather than finding comfort in knowing the unknown will bring new blessings along with it…not just fear or the possibility of things ONLY going bad.

Because if you think about it, it takes a free spirit, it takes a willingness to let go of what we know…and we have been lying to ourselves for far too long by thinking that it’s better to know where we are…then to explore somewhere new. We have been living in the illusion that we can control change because we make sure today was just like it was yesterday.

But every day is a new day; every day is a chance for wonderful possibilities, but only if we choose to see them. Because if we are being honest with ourselves it’s more comfortable to mess up what we know than to mess up something we are new at. It sounds comical but we would rather mess up something comfortable, something that feels safe, than to have to possibility of something better happen in so-called scarier territory.

And maybe this might sound silly to some, but I didn’t even know my fear of the future was a thing. I was having a conversation with my mentor Mike and he was talking about not having fear of the unknown. And while that concept seems so evident, to not be afraid of the future and to not fear the unknown. it hadn’t crossed my mind that in every new moment I was stepping into the unknown. I hadn’t even considered that the unknown could be scary because I had become so comfortable living how I lived, that I didn’t realize that me wanting things to stay the same was the problem.

But there comes a freedom when we let go of trying to force our worlds to be exactly how we have become comfortable within it. When I stopped being afraid if people were going to leave, when I stopped being afraid of something being taken from me, and when I gave up trying to force things to be how I thought they should be…I became less afraid. And I think that happened because I was no longer living in the illusion of being in control of things that I never had control over.

I actually found that the people and situations that were meant to be in my life stayed in my life…not because I forced them. And if those so-called seemingly right things ever left, it just meant there was a new adventure ahead of me. And maybe that sums it up so simply: that the unknown isn’t a dark corridor of demons waiting to devour you. It’s just a new adventure for you to discover. Because even if it is a dark corridor you are going down in the unknown…by you stepping forward you brighten it, you make that place known in your mind…instead of living within the illusion of what it could be in your mind.

And the reason I said so-called “scarier territory” is because the only reason we are afraid of the unknown…is because the fear is in our minds. There is no perfect guarantees in today, but since what we know feels comfortable, our mind thinks that tomorrow could produce something horrible for us if it changes. If you were to look back on your life, I’m sure you would be glad you took chances, I’m sure you would be excited about the decision you made to take a leap of faith, and I am sure you would remember that you are the light making the fear of the unknown illuminated and known. You are the one deciding whether the future has to be scary or whether it can be a beautiful adventure of discovery.

My great friend Ben told me this years ago, that the more he knows, then the more he realizes he how much he doesn’t know. And while that sounds scary to find that our world will keep expanding, it also sounds exhilarating and exciting because there are more things to experience, to know, and to explore in life. We fear what we don’t know, but maybe what we don’t know doesn’t have to be scary anymore because we now see it’s just something we haven’t stepped towards.

So today let’s purposefully step towards the unknown in our life to illuminate the dark hallways within our minds. Being comfortable isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, it’s an illusion that if you force things to stay the same then they will. But nothing stays the same, especially you. And the more you try to force the act of non-change, then the more afraid you become of finding great adventure in your life by living within every moment. Life is happening whether you’re partaking in it or not, so why not hop in and enjoy the ride

Today’s Personal Commitment:

Go out and live your day, plain and simple. You don’t have to do anything crazy. Just enjoy the moment, be excited to not have to control everything and allow the unknown to happen by stepping into it confidently. Know there will be hard times…but those tough times don’t last …tough people do.

What if you were to treat your life like an adventure? What would you do differently today? So today do at least one thing different in stepping towards the unknown with confidence. You don’t have to have it all figured out to be confident, just knowing that you have made it this far in life already is assurance enough that you will find a way through anything you put your mind to.

Illuminate one dark hallway in your mind today, and then go further in it tomorrow, and the next day.

We change our lives through our habits. It all happens with one small step, and then another small step. Sometimes one step is all you need to do in a day. So “unfold your power” by stepping forward at least one step every day; after a year of doing that you will be 365 paces farther than you were before. That may not seem like a lot, but it’s always further than you would have been if you never took a chance on yourself.

I Step Into The Unknown Willingly and Enthusiastically


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