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Strong Within

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Thank you for stopping by. This site is temporary at the moment as my old site crashed. While I could stress about it, I think it was the Universe helping me move forward kicking and screaming knowing I needed a change.

So at the moment, I will keep most of this sparse until I figure out the future of my website endeavors.


My name is Chris O'Hearn and I am a Holistic Performance coach that helps people become Strong Within in every aspect of their lives. I've been featured on MTV, I host a weekly affirmation podcast, and I am currently finishing up a book on having the confidence to go after what matters to you.

I help people be STRONG WITHIN in their business, in their relationships, and in their personal growth by helping them remember their ‘WHY.'

You probably came to this site because you are searching for something more in your life. You know there is something better for you out there, but you are unsure what it is. The best you in any area of your life stems from finding out your why, your strengths, your values, and then combining them all to begin creating a life blueprint.

My clients think what I do for them is magic as I help them to get unstuck, but what I help them to do is to become Strong Within again by reclaiming their power. I help them bring their unique purpose into the world by utilizing their personal blueprint in everything they do.

The Strong Within Plan:

I named my business Strong Within because I know we have the answers within us. And when we work together I will help elicit the strength already within you so you can begin utilizing it more efficiently in your life. We will go through the process of:

•–Seeking The Courage Within (Loving Yourself/Knowing Your Worth)

•–Finding The Voice Within (Awareness)

• —Creating Your Values Within• (Values)

• —Modifying Your Wants Within (Holding Up The Mirror)

• —Building Upon Your Strengths Within (Utilizing Your Inner Allies)

•–Affirming Your Personal Blueprint Within (Writing a Solid Internal Blueprint)

• —Utilizing The Velocity Within (Alignment by Refocusing Your Energy)

•–Accepting Your Rewards (Worth and Acceptance of the great things you deserve)